ComeOn Group renews sponsorship commitment with local sports clubs

Updated:2024-03-31 07:58    Views:130

The renewal of these sponsorship agreements follows last year's launch video between the sports clubs and ComeOn Group.

Daniela Vella, ComeOn Group COO, acknowledged the company's close ties to Sliema, where its initial office was established.

Vella said: “Sliema is very close to us being the first location of our offices, and even though we have moved some metres up the waterfront, we have found synergies with both teams and their path to success.

"Both teams tie in well with our values, especially the Run Together The Group is also focused on giving back to the communities with its CSR strategy being a key,Online Casino Games strategic pillar and sports plays a vital role in nurturing teamwork, and leadership skills.”

ComeOn Group has also spoken about developing employee well-being through its Employee Assistance Program (EAP). This program provides support to employees with an annual well-being allowance aimed at promoting both physical and mental health.

Over the years, ComeOn Group has initiated several projects and collaborations:

Nordic Ruby Lounge: ComeOn Group launched the Nordic Ruby Lounge, offering a tailored live casino studio environment with a distinctive Scandinavian style.

Nicholas Jones as Head of Trading: ComeOn Group appointed Nicholas Jones as its Head of Trading to develop its sportsbook platform.

Partnership with Apparat Gaming: ComeOn Group established an in-house developed casino API, by partnering with the German developer Apparat Gaming.

Partnership with NowBetNow: The company entered into a partnership with NowBetNow, a provider of personalised betting segments.